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What is an ISO by Bret Martin, CEO of Mom and Pop Business Funding and The ISO Recruiting Company.

Updated: Aug 13, 2022

Well it happened!


I was asked once again what an ISO is and I think it was the one millionth time!

LOLOLOLO..., just joking!

First off, let's understand one another, the average ISO makes right at $300,000.00 their first year and the above average ISO makes a little over $750,000.00 their first year!

That said, salesmen and saleswomen or people in general without sales experience, ask me all the time this one primary question, and that is, what is an ISO within the Merchant Cash Advance Industry?

The long and the short of it is, an ISO within the Merchant Cash Advance industry is an individual sales organization, or and independent sales organization!

These ISOs are 1099 independent contractors! Within and Unlimited income opportunity!

They are not W-2 employees!

Meaning, you, the ISO, pay your own taxes and, the merchant cash advance funding companies that pay them their commissions don't take taxes out of your payroll.

The taxes are the ISOs responsibility!

So at the end of the year, the merchant cash advance funding company that paid the ISO will send the ISO a 1099 form as opposed to a W-2!

Now, one more thing before I go!

ISOs are welcome to do business with more than one merchant cash advance funding company!

Each funding company has it's own nuances, niches, or specialties, they prefer and it can appear as though one or more of the companies in the industry DON'T do certain types of small business loan funding and that is absolutely the fact of the matter!!!

Some merchant cash advance companies love Cannabis related businesses, some don't!

Some merchant cash advance companies love funding topless bars, and some don't!

Some merchant cash advance companies love funding gas stations with c-stores (convenience stores) attached and some don't!


But let this be said or written so to speak, in closing..., Mom and Pop Business Funding loves ALL types of small businesses and medium size businesses which is why most of the ISOs in the merchant cash advance industry runs their files through our company, because we don't CARE what type of company it is!

We LOVE businesses of all types!!!

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Written by Brandon Correa
Written by Brandon Correa
Sep 21, 2023

I’m intrigued and apprehensive. This came from a good friend who is intelligent and so I’m looking for ward to it


Nate Smith
Jun 24, 2023

Looking forward to starting the training this Monday through Thursday… Interested in the 5 ways to generate leads. The application Bret sent me was fairly simple and the application process seems straightforward enough… Blessings to everyone at Mom & Pop business funding!!! Have a great rest of the weekend.

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