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The loan business can cause undue tension between business owners and lenders as borrowers forget.

I am 61 and I have had had money since I was 12 years old from my first paper route. That said, I have been in the loan business ever since. It was nothing for me to come into the house and find an "IOU" from one of my family members in the freezer where I kept my money in containers of frozen vegetable packages. What's so interesting about the way that my family borrowed my money is that nothing has changed really, other than the people that are the ones borrowing from me and my company now days are people I/we don't know. But they still feel a sense of entitlement and carry with a level of arrogance that it downright embarrassing.

People have a tendency to think that they are entitled to the money they are seeking from a loan business like Mom-and-Pop Business Funding, and they often times forget that people like me, and my company are in the loan business and that it is not mandatory that me or my staff lend them or their company the money.

Now this is where it gets interesting, I too have to applied for the money over the years, if fact, billions and billions of dollars as I sell or distribute to small business owners and nobody on earth has an endless supply of money, and what is funny is that I never take it personally in the event the cost of the money is higher than the last time we borrowed it. Nor does my staff of I get upset In the event we get turned down. We find another source and we take what we can get! We mark it up accordingly, based on what margin/profit that is achievable and needed at the time in order to stay alive and in business. But what is so predictable is how so many men and women get upset when the cost of money is a tad higher than the last time they took it, or, not available at all due to something they had done recently (bad credit), or not done (like their tax returns).

Again, my company's and staff and I have borrowed billions and billions and billions of dollars over the years as a loan business and I can tell you that it does not matter to me what the cost of the money is, it really doesn't, as we just mark it up accordingly!

Look, you either pay the price, or you don't get the loan from the funding company, that is the long and the short of it. It is not our fault in the event you don't want to borrow the money, the bottom line is that it's really your fault. We are a loan business, not a "no" business and at the end of the day, we MUST loan business money out or we got out of business as a funding company and that's why I don't care what our money costs us, we will just see to it that we price it accordingly and make our margins from there.

If the need for your company to borrow money arises and you want to borrow money from a loan business, that's what we do here at Mom-and-Pop Business Funding, we loan business owners money and my suggestion is that you get it while it's hot and thank us as you go on your merry way, because believe you me, my staff and I are going to celebrate, WE ALWAYS DO, especially when the customer or business owner feels like they got a good deal!

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Bri Blossom
Bri Blossom
Feb 09

Can you explain this more clearly with me please?🙏


Southern Art
Oct 30, 2023

I’m speechless. (That never happens) I get blown away when I see or meet people with such honesty as myself. And for that alone, I personally THANK YOU! You deserve at the very least that much, just for being honest and outspoken. And because I’m the same way, is how I will one day be able to say, I did it


Kourosh  Eslamieh
Kourosh Eslamieh
Oct 29, 2023

I agree! If they really need the money and for the right purpose to give them the projected ROI, then they need to say thank you!!

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