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  • Writer's pictureBret Martin

We don't have learning disorders in the United States, we have seeing and hearing disorders!

All of us at one time or another have been involved in sensory overload.

...especially those of us who live in the Unted States, as we are controlled every day by Madison Avenue and its marketing and advertising techniques!

Think about it, you've been there yourself, reach the peak of your window of tolerance, and you crack, you break, you freak out, and eventually you shut down.

Admit it, we've all been there!

So what do we do to protect ourselves?

...well, we CHOOSE what to listen to and what to look at, that's what we do!

Our fight or flight response kicks in, and we often times "flight" or "flee" by disengaging!

So naturally once we have disengaged, we put away or disengage a number of our senses, intentionally!

...and once we have lost one or two of our senses, we often times can't see and can't hear, and we do so, so as to protect ourselves!!!

Watch this video, and it will blow your mind!

Well, what did you think?

I know the first time I watched this video it blew my mind!

I would love to hear your thoughts!

So why have I brought this up?

...well, every day I am on the phone training, and I can tell you that my students miss what I am saying all the time, and it was WAY worse back when I did NOT know that you and I are TUNING people out for the sake of our own survival!!!

Deepak Chopra, formerly of the Mayo Clinic once said you and I are having on average over 50,000 thoughts daily! Imagine that! 50,000 thoughts!!!

That said, no wonder we miss so much of what is going on around us during our day!

My greatest example of this is when a police officer takes witnesses statements regarding a bank robbery or a murder on the streets and so on. We have ALL seen it on a movie or a TV program, when asked, two, three, four, five people can "ALL" have a different story on what they saw with their eyes and what they heard with their ears!

So why do I bring this up?

...well, I finally realized after having been there so many times that if you and I need to have someone HEAR us or have someone SEE us, then we had better make sure that we EMPHASIZE what we want them to hear or see!

Emphasis matters!

So, you better start emphasizing, and you might want to start paying attention and investing your time in with the people around you who are emphasizing their point!

Now, last but not least, watch yourself around your business associates and friends and would be clients, because once your wake up you start to realize as to how much you missed and how much your missing and those missing details often times are why people have such a communication breakdown between themselves and the other party!!!

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4 comentarios

Becky Valencia
Becky Valencia
09 ene

The Monkey Business Illusion. Interesting. Id like to hear more on this. Thanks for the pointer, Bret: EMPHASIS.

Me gusta

27 nov 2023

I have been told many times how self aware I am of my surroundings, growing up in the inner city on the east coast, had to have ur head on a swivel , always with my head up , so my eyes were up and I still walk around the same way ..

I missed that F- -King Gorilla tho , I’m not surprised , I will tell you why ..I am still extremely self aware and super hyper focused individual on what ever it I do .

The reason for missing the gorilla for me was the job description of the narrator. I was asked to count the # of times the white shirts passed the ball.....Blocking anything blac…

Me gusta

Kourosh  Eslamieh
Kourosh Eslamieh
29 oct 2023

Very interesting Bert. I counted 16 passes but I missed the gorilla, one of the players leaving, and color changing on the 1st watch.

Thank you.

Me gusta
Bret Martin
Bret Martin
29 oct 2023
Contestando a

I watched that about 10 years ago and was blown away that I missed it too! Funny thing is, I have never met anyone that spots it! Thanks a million for stopping by sir!!! Have a great day Kourosh! Sincerely and respectfully😎, Bret Martin, CEO and FOUNDER of Mom-and-Pop Business Funding.

Me gusta
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