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Marketing Tools

Within the MCA (Merchant Cash Advance) Industry our ISO Partners (you're considered an "ISO" which is an Independent Sales Organization in our industry) need marketing and advertising solutions to build their business quickly. 

a). We provide leads, email leads, telmarketing leads and text leads.


b). In addition we will build you a landing page so you don't need to build a webiste.


c). We provide company email address.


d). And you can request to work One on One with Bret by an hourly rate.


Mom-and-Pop Business Funding prefers to take the guess work out it for you, the salesperson, our ISO Partner. 

Marketing and Advertising Tools below.

Sample Landing page example below in Blue.

Click on Bret Martin's Landing page "Link" below. 

You can have one BUILT INTO your SIGNATURE by Mom-and-Pop Business Fundings team and this will make you look professional without having to hire someone to do this from outside the company!


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