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Merchant Cash Advance sales training by Bret Martin of Mom and Pop Business Funding.

They come and they go. Pitchmen claiming to know what they are talking about. ...and it ends up being the blind leading the blind in most cases.

I've trained a ton of men and women myself who never close a single merchant cash advance or small business loan and yet just day's after my training they are out there pitching to new people in the MCA Space as to how "you too can be just like them"! It is what it is, the world is full of a plethora of men claiming to be the real deal, and in the end, they are incapable of leading, training, guiding and teaching due to the fact that they have never been in the trenches. Merchant Cash Advance sales training is not for the faint of heart, nor should it be. This is not a game, but rather a profession, where opportunity abounds, and yet there is not a day that goes by where I don't hear some horror story about some SNAKE OIL SALESMAN claiming to be all that and a bag of chips in the merchant cash advance space as a sales trainer of MCA's and then we find he has never closed one of these loans or advances, or at maximum has closed a couple two or three at best. Take it form me, Bret Martin, the top producer ever in the merchant cash advance industry, my suggestion is this- "when in Rome, do as the Romans do", in other words, find a teacher worthy of their weight in salt at least, and if you can't find that teacher, get under the guidance of the best merchant cash advance sales training there is, get with Mom and Pop Business Funding founder Bret Martin and his team!


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