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Throughout American history there's only been a handful of career opportunities where you don't  need prior experience or a college degree, to make $1 Million Dollars a year.



The average person makes a little over $300,000.00 their first year.


The  above average person  a little over $750,000.00 their first year. 

In 2007 the CEO and Founder of Mom and Pop Business Funding Bret Martin 

entered the Merchant Cash Advance (Small Business Loan Alternative space) and personally closed over 25,000 of these Merchant Cash Advances by September of 2009.​ 


Bret then started teaching his friends & family how to do what he had done!​

Bret Martin has successfully trained over 100,000 men and women who have joined Mom and Pop Business Funding, thus the reason why Mom and Pop Business Funding has gone on to become one of the largest most trusted name brands and platforms in the Merchant Cash Advance industry.

          HAVE A DAY JOB?

Recordings come out after class each day!

Quit your day job in 1 to 3 weeks!



A). Free training with Bret Martin (the MCA industries #1 producer of all time) online for 4 days total (1.5 hours a day) - Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday morning.

B).  Full use of the Mom and Pop Brand and Mom and Pop Business Funding marketing material templates with your name, phone number, and e-mail address.

C).  Full use of the Mom and Pop Business Funding funds for your clients.

D). Ongoing support (to include us working with your client "at no cost").​

E).  5% commission on your first 2 files (#1 & 2) 7% on files (#3 on) Example- $100,000 loan funded pays $5,000.00 to $7,000.00.

F).  Accurate unlimited amount of telemarketing data available for free - for you telemarketers.

G).  Unlimited Income potential, 1099, Commissions paid 2 to 5 business days after loan/advance closes.

H).  The highest approval rate in the industry for your clients.

I). The highest closing ratio in the industry.

J).  Renewal Commissions paid when your client takes another loan.

K). Education on where to market, what to say, how to say it and when to say it.

          Training with Bret Martin is Free.

                Submitting loans is Free.

                 NO GAMES, NO B.S.

                       NO EXCUSES




Join above for free. 



Our in house 131 person team of funders, processors, underwriters, executive assistants, assistants, and attorneys have helped our 100,000 plus ISOs (Independent Sales Organizations) close over $12 Billion in merchant cash advance on behalf of ISOs across the country.

  • We help you close your business loan clients deals for free.

  • How to land busines training for 4 days (CLICK HERE).

  • Ability to purchase leads. 

  • Exclusive online training with Bret Martin, the MCA Industries #1 Producer of all time, and guidance to get you started.

  • Join the thousands of existing ISOs (Independent Sales Organizations) loan brokers in our network for unlimited support and assistance.

  • Plug into our existing infrastructure today.

  • Attend Bret Martin's classes over the phone in real time (group format) OR listen to the recording's of class after class each day. 


  • No cost's ever, Unless you purchase leads, but you should NOT have to purchase leads as Bret teaches you how to land business for FREE!

  • The average person makes a little over $300,000.00 their first year.​​

  • The above average person a little over $750,000.00 their first year. 


Your clients can Say goodbye to long, complicated, time-consuming applications! Mom and Pop Business Funding has a simple one page application process that can be completed in a matter of minutes. Your client is set at ease as they're use to filling out paperwork for hours, if not days!


Even if your client has been turned down by banks before, Mom and Pop Business Funding will work with your client to help them find alternative funding solutions for their business, regardless of whether or not they have been turned down for any reason, to include less than spotless credit.


After your clients been approved, Mom and Pop Business Funding funds your clients the same day so they can put their money to work immediately! Nothing on earth drives any of us more nuts than sitting around waiting for the approvals process with most lenders.

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