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Mom & Pop Business Funding is like a beaver dam in the truest sense of the word, in fact, the words "melting pot" are an understatement!!!

It you have ever seen a beaver dam, you know that no two sticks are alike. You have fat sticks, skinny sticks, short stick, long stick, short fat sticks, long fat sticks, the list goes on and on. Now add mud and rocks and leaves, and elbow grease and beaver spit and urine and feces and that just about sums up how a beaver builds a dam that hold back water.

What am I getting at?

Look around folks!

Atheists, Jews, Christians, Catholics, Protestants, Church of Latter Day Saints, Japanese, Chinese, Latinos, Norwegians, Ukrainians, Scotsman, Germans, Canadians, the British and French, tall, short, ugly, cute, pretty, skinny, fat, Gay, Lesbians, LQBTQ, you name it, we here at Mom & Pop Business Funding are comprised of each of us!

In fact, to best describe Mom & Pop Business Funding, think of it as a high speed train rolling down the track to the following Lyrics from Bruce Springsteen's song titled, "Land of Hopes and Dreams."

Join us, regardless of whether you're a sinner or a saint!


Grab your ticket and your suitcase ,

...thunder's rolling down the tracks, don't know where you're goin' But you know you won't be back ,

...darlin' if you're weary Lay your head upon my chest ,

...we'll take what we can carry And we'll leave the rest,

...big Wheels rolling through fields Where sunlight streams, me in a land of hope and dreams,

...I will provide for you And I'll stand by your side,'ll need a good companion now for This part of the ride,

...Leave behind your sorrows,

...let this day be the last,

...tomorrow there'll be sunshine .

...and all this darkness past ,

...big wheels roll through fields Where sunlight streams, me in a land of hope and dreams,

...this train Carries saints and sinners ,

...this train carries losers and winners,

...his Train Carries whores and gamblers,

...his Train Carries lost souls,

...this Train Dreams will not be thwarted,

...this Train Faith will be rewarded,

...this Train Hear the steel wheels singin',

...this Train Bells of freedom ringin',

...this Train Carries broken-hearted ,

...this Train Thieves and sweet souls departed,

...this Train Carries fools and kings,

...this Train

...all aboard,

...this Train,

...dreams will not be thwarted,

...this Train Faith will be rewarded !!!


AJ Long
Jul 10

Awesome read

Bret Martin
Bret Martin
Jul 10
Replying to

It’s a song that moves me to tears. We are all so different, yet we mean so much to each other. Love and kindness in your direction AJ!!! Bret


Stephen Johnson
Jul 10

What do I need to do to become part of the team?

Bret Martin
Bret Martin
Jul 10
Replying to

Hop on the website and join us on the train!!!

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