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Updated: Sep 18, 2022

I had to laugh the other day, some guy taking my class emailed me and asked me where to hand in the application and the business owners 6 months of bank statements once he lands a business owner who is interested in a merchant cash advance.

...I told him to give me a second and I looked to see if he had attended my 134 minute class that day, the first part of which was where to hand in a file.

...sure enough, he had attended my class that morning.

I asked him if he recalled me going over this particular issue three different times at the beginning of class that day (which happened to be day one), and naturally he let out a sarcastic "no".

It was at this point I asked him if he happened to be paying attention and investing his time in what I was saying earlier that day in class, or if he was multitasking and doing something simultaneously?

...sure enough he went on to admit that he was a day trader and was watching his stock choices in addition to listening to me teach! It was at this point that I asked him which one he would rather be doing, day trading or selling merchant cash advance. He stopped for a moment and then he went on to say he makes good money day trading!!! I came back with, "THEN WHY STOP"??? "Why not day trade only and not get sidetracked with other options," I asked. And he said he was hedging his bet. This is when I say no more. I don't have time for someone with a foot in each circle. I told him to do one or the other, but do NOT do both at the same time. I went on to mention it's impossible to serve to masters! I explained that he needs to be in the I AM, present both physically and mentally when looking at stock choices on the screen or listening to me and but NOT both at the same time as they will BOTH get watered down and he will not be great at either. He then asked again (this time politely), where to hand in the application and bank statements when he gets a client and it was at this point I informed him he would have to listen to the recording we sent him of my class after class was over. And sure enough, he got upset with me that I would not give him the answer. That's when I pulled the opportunity away from him and told him he could no longer go forward with Mom and Pop Business Funding. This is where it got good, it was at this point he told me he wanted to quit day trading and market MCAs for Mom and Pop Business Funding full time. And that's when I told him that platforms like ours and our classes are set up for people to change their lives financially speaking and that I knew he wasn't on our platform because his life was going great financially speaking!!! I told him I knew he was LOOKING and that in and of itself was what I was looking for in a 1099 independent contractor..., someone looking to improve the quality of their life financially speaking, and that the ones that do great at this make a BURN YOUR SHIP EFFORT! I went on to tell him the story and more than ever afterwards I had his attention and he had his own!!! We finally understood one another and that's when I let him know where to hand in files..., but at this point he GUARANTEED ME that he would PAY ATTENTION and INVEST HIS TIME tonight in listening to the class recording..., funny part is, two days later he handed in a file and he did so the following day! Oh, and he funded his first file two days later and made a little over $14,000.00! Man was excited! In fact, he made a point of purchasing me a Starbucks gift certificate for $100.00 and sent it to the office! No doubt he'll be at this for a while!

Always nice to be part of someone's life in transition and help them out just a bit!!!

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I will contact you, or your assignee in the morning. I am ready to come on board; pay my training fee, attend your classes, and take your advice on leads.


Francisco R. Lozada

PS: In your story about your experience with the Day Trader, It should read: "you can't serve two masters." (The spelling was wrong.)

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