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My name is Bret Martin, I'm the CEO and Founder of Mom and Pop Business Funding and the Black Envelope company and in the mid 80's I started using Black Envelopes for marketing/advertising purposes long before anyone on the west coast or the united states for that matter was doing so. In fact, the printing company was so hesitant that I had to order 25,000 black envelopes at a time monthly!

Since then, my companies have gone through millions of black envelopes and I have taught over 300,000 men and women how to use the black envelopes for marketing and advertising and the funny part is, here we are all these years later in 2024 and I've only met two people out of over 300,000 straight commission, 1099 loan officers that have ever seen a black envelope in the mail! 

Black Envelopes allow your marketing materials to stand out like a sore thumb among all the white envelopes sitting in business owners mailboxes, and believe you me, they're going to open your black envelope us to see what's inside as they just can't resist!

Black Envelopes changed my life and many other peoples also!

Over the years we've gone through millions of black envelopes for marketing and advertising and each and every student I teach regarding the subject of the black envelopes for marketing purposes is blown away when they first see them.

In fact, it's amazing how something so small can have such a huge impact on people and their lives. I've seen men and women go from living paycheck to paycheck and change their lives forever financially speaking in no time once they start using the black envelopes for marketing purposes.

In fact, business owners eat them up! Most of the time they are so blown away that they end up using the black envelopes to market their business and their products!


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