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Counter of General Store


Counter of General Store

Restaurant Business Loan

Alaska Restaurant Funded. $171,000.00 In 31 hours start to finish. Owners both had bad credit and did not qualify with their bank or their credit union. Mom and Pop Business Funding & ISO Partner "Jacquelene" to the recuse! Great job Jacquelene!!! Her 91st business loan-merchant cash advance of the year!                    08-21-23

Local Shop

Wine Bar Business Loan

"Matt" specializes in funding only wine bars as he owned a wine bar at one time and understands their need for financing and the fact that banks hate lending to businesses that sell "SPIRITS" as he puts it. This was his 143rd wine bar of the year and he's only five months into the year! The wine bar was approved for $930,000.00 but decided to borrow $700,000.00 for now as they are expanding and if need be will take the remainder in the coming months.                             05-27-23 

Wine Glasses

Landscaping Company Business Loan

Many banks don't have employees that speak Spanish, and that's how this one became "Ann's" 119th business loan-merchant cash advance of the year! Ann's husband owns a Oklahoma land-scaping company and she does his books at night and she know all about the banks unwillingness to support the Latino community often times so three years ago she started doing loans remotely, out of her house. Way to go Ann!

We love having you in our team!           08-26-23

Man Mowing Lawn

Golf Course Business Loan

"Terrance" comes through again, and he comes through large!!! $550,000.00 funding for an East coast golf course. Terrance's client could not achieve a loan through their bank as he had not filed his tax returns for his business in the last two years. This was Terrance's 53 loan of the year! Great job sir!!!                                 06-28-23

Golf Players

Bowling Alley Business Loan

Same old story... Their bank chose not to lend to them, even though they'd been with the bank 27 years! All because the business owners missed a house payment during COVID-19! Big Daniel calls himself the "MONEY MAN THAT CAN" and he was able to get this closed with Mom and Pop Business Funding in less than 3 days start to finish! Great job Daniel, way to go!!!        07-14-23


Healthcare Facility Business Loan

Bernice was a nurse for 28 years, but she refused to get the "jab" as she puts it, and just like millions of healthcare workers she was fired from her job! So Bernice started doing business loans-merchant cash advances for doctors and dentists and this dentist was in dire need of cash as COVID-19 almost gutted him and his wife's nest egg keeping his employees on board during COVID even though sales were down over 80% two years in a row. Thus the reason why their bank would not lend to them. This was Bernice's 39th funding of the year, and she does this part time! Great job Bernice!                         07-28-23

Blood Pressure
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