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I'd be honored if you quoted me Bret!

"In fact, If you want to spice it up even further,

my original version was,

If Christopher Gardner, Tony Robbins,


 The Big Lebowski had a baby,

Bret Martin would be the result"

- Jaxon Cantu -



With Bret

Book time with Bret Martin & change your life forever!

Motivation, Inspiration, Sales Techniques & Communication.

My name is "Stacie" and I have been with Bret Martin and his companies in some capacity for almost 30 years. I am an attorney at law and Bret's lead executive assistant. That said, over the years I observed  like so many that Bret has a cult like following.

Think about the band called the Grateful Dead and visualize the groupies following them around the country for days, weeks and in some cases, years, if not decades! That's the way it is for Bret Martin, he has groupies following him around! They just want a piece of him!

I've seen it for years now, people walk out of his meetings mumbling to themselves or talking among one another! It is no accident that he's accomplished what he has in life, in fact, it's an art form from my perspective! I've seen it with my own eyes and heard it with my own ears, year after year after year for almost three decades!  

He played on my fathers team in high school and golfed with my father and his friends for many years after high school and my father said many times over the years that Bret Martin had that special something that people want, although most people experience it now and again, few hold onto it full time, it's like a LIGHT my dad would say, Bret's LIGHT is on all the time, well most of us are intermittent at best! 

Nobody will leave you feeling more special about yourself than Bret Martin! in fact, he says he'll never quit working, and because of it, I've said I will never quit working either, as I have been his primary executive assistant since I was a teenager and I too like so many others am attracted to Bret's LIGHT!!!


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